About Us

bach tool precision in ringwood, nj Our thirty years of experience in the machining industry have shown that quality and service are the most important requirements customers need from their suppliers.

With the industry evolving dramatically over a short period of time, we understand today’s demands are becoming increasingly critical. Initially we had focused our capabilities to building prototype machined components including rubber forming molds. We stock our own line of mold bases and also materials for special requirements and responsive lead times.

Our prototype and mold customers required machined components as well. Our business has grown into a high precision machining operation in which we run a range of materials from plastics to nickel alloys. Production runs vary from prototypes to tens of thousands of parts. We are proud to take part in defense programs such as the ATFLIR and the C-17.

In 2008 we became ISO 9001:2000 certified, and continue to be ISO certified with DNV.

President Richard Ebersbach started Bach Tool Precision in 1992 in a basement and we now employ six machinists and operate in a new 5,400 square foot building. We take exceptional pride in our workmanship and meeting our customers’ needs.